NEXON M Culture

NEXON M is a mobile game developer and publisher based in Emeryville. Founded in 2013, NEXON M focuses on free-to-play games for mobile and counts some of the world's best developers as its partners, including Big Huge Games, Ndoors, and Twiitch Studios. NEXON M's focus on free-to-play games for mobile can be traced to our roots as a subsidiary of NEXON Corp. As Korea's largest game company, NEXON is known for having created the first free-to-play games in the early 2000's and has multiple games which recently passed their 10-year anniversaries of live operation.

Similarly, NEXON M's goal is to support the world's best mobile developers in making unique and fun games that can entertain players for a decade. We believe in play-to-win, not pay-to-win. With an internationally diverse team of 40 with deep experience in free-to-play game production, marketing, and live operations, NEXON M takes pride in letting developers focus on what they do best, while taking care of everything else. With producers, engineers, artists, marketing professionals, and data analysts - among others - if you are a mobile developer with a great game, we'd love to help and we'd love to hear from you! Contact us anytime:

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